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Awesome Accounts To Follow For Breastfeeding Moms and Supporters

Looking for some great breastfeeding social media accounts to follow? I gathered a few of my favorite that I think you will also love!
The BadAss Breastfeeder.
  • Abby is an awesome advocate for breastfeeding moms. She has a wonderful blog where she opens up about motherhood. It is a great read when you are nursing.
Follow The BadAss Breastfeeder Facebook and Instagram
The Leaky B@@b.
  • Jessica has created a breastfeeding community full of laughter and support. She also provides great information and resources to help along the way.
Follow The Leaky B@@b Facebook and Instagram
Breastfeeding Mama Talk.
  • Kristi wanted to create a space to support breastfeeding moms and to normalize breastfeeding. She is known for her fun memes and standing up for moms who need it.
Follow Breastfeeding Mama Talk. Facebook and Instagram
Ivette Photography.
  • Her feed is full of beautiful mothers and their babies. You will fall in love with her honest style as she brings motherhood to life in her work.
Follow Ivette Photography Facebook and Instagram
Motherhood Rising.
  • This mama keeps things real as she open the curtain on motherhood.
Follow Motherhood Rising  Facebook and Instagram
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Did we miss some of your favorite accounts? Let us know by dropping them in the comments!




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