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About I'm the Pacifier

Our items are all made in house through our parent company Piper Marie, owned by Rebecca Delgado. Rebecca is a mother of four and has been breastfeeding for over SEVEN years! She knows the challenges mothers face while breastfeeding as well as the negative feed back they can receive from others during their journey. That is why she is so passionate about the pacifier campaign. Her hope is to help educate moms so they can have a successful breastfeeding relationship. So many women fall victim to the "Boobie Trap" Not having the right resources or support to know what is normal and when they need help. Even when they ask for help they receive wrong information from their Doctors. She also hopes this campaign will bring to light the importance of breastfeeding and the legal rights moms have to do so. Read Rebecca's Breastfeeding story here. 


 "We need to change peoples mind set. That when someone sees a mother breastfeeding in public it is as normal as anything else. We also need to change the question of, "Are you going to breastfeed?" to "How is breastfeeding going?" That it becomes the next basic step to motherhood." -Rebecca Delgado
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About Rebecca

Rebecca Marie, youngest of four, was born to Walter and Nancy Piper on January 29th 1984. Growing up in an artist family Rebecca spent her days dressing up and designing for her dolls. Her Grandmother Gloria was always taking her shopping intensifying her love for design. Nancy her mother would fill her head with grand stories of her Great Aunt Lil. A designer from Cincinnati, Ohio who would travel to France for fabric and designed for the elite. This always had Rebecca wondering if fashion was her calling.
After graduating from Glenn Bard East High School in 2002 Rebecca Marie enrolled at the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago. She graduated in September 2006 with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Fashion Design Rebecca’s work was shown in many fashion shows including Inspired 2004, Inspired 2005 and FAME 2006. Juried shows produced by the Illinois Institute of Art. A piece from Nancy’s Garden, a collection shown in Inspired 2005, was published in The Chicago Tribune May 16th, 2005. Lookin Out My Back Door collection from FAME 2006 was selected for Driehaus Awards for Fashion Excellence.
She also started Rebecca and Emily Designs with her sister in 2002. They made one-of-a-kind items from vintage and repurposed materials. At the same time she also made custom bridal and eveningwear.
In 2009 Rebecca married and started a family. After a few years of being a stay at home mom she went out on her own opening up Piper Marie in 2012. Piper Marie still does special orders and freelance work for other designers but in 2014 Rebecca decided to relaunch her underwear line. This line is made of sustainable, vintage and repurposed materials. Being a mother of three now this line lends itself to motherhood and nursing moms. She also is helping normalize breastfeeding with “I’m the Pacifier” campaign.
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The inspiration for my work comes from the women I have encountered through-out my life. The way they juggle their everyday life. The motivation and dreams that push them to be at their best. I want to my designs to mold around their life. If my designs can tap into their dreams, to have designs that inspire the wearer; then I’ve reached my goal.