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Family PRIDE: Families with Two Mamas. Lea and Fiona

Love is Love: The Story of Us. Lea and Fiona.

Tell us about yourself. 

We met playing roller derby. We started dating and decided we eventually wanted kids probably two years into the relationship. Fiona and I married in January of 2016 and got pregnant right after our honeymoon that summer.  

How did you become pregnant? 

We found an anonymous donor from a renown sperm bank. We tried to find a donor with similar features to my wife. We did IUI which is the medical equivalent of sex with a man, so it has the same likelihood of fertilization. (It’s basically a medical turkey baster.) We we’re extremely fortunate to get pregnant on the first try with no fertility medicine. We kind of won the lottery there. 

How does having two mamas affect your breastfeeding relationship 

I don’t think being gay affects my nursing relationships. In the beginning Lincoln would try to latch to my wife, too, but quickly learned there was no milk to be had there. I loved nursing and, unfortunately, had to wean this past month. So that I can prepare my body to have another child in the near future. I miss breastfeeding! I weaned her at 13.5/14 months. I plan on nursing the next one longer.  

Do you have support? 

We have very loving families and close friends that support us and our daughter, Lincoln, immensely.  I’ve found mothers to be very welcoming. Other mothers started approaching me when I was pregnant giving support and advice.  

What do you want others to know?  

I’d want others to know that it’s impolite to ask, “Who is the mother?” when they are trying to figure out who is the biological mother. We’re both her mothers. 


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