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Five Ways to Celebrate World Breastfeeding Week. 

Getting Ready for World Breastfeeding Week. 


    1. Find your local breastfeeding event and go! 

The 3rd, 4th and 5th is when the big latch on is taking place across the world. You can find one near you and join them. Also check with your local breastfeeding support group. They will most likely have something planned too! 


    2. Post links or information graphics on social media. 

Sharing information on breastfeeding helps everyone learn about breastfeeding. You can share tips to help breastfeeding moms or facts about all the amazing benefits. If you need graphics, please feel free to share any of the ones you find on our FB or Instagram pages.  

 Cluster feeding.

    3. Post breastfeeding selfies or artwork.  

The more people see it, the more normal it becomes! Don't feel comfortable sharing your own? Again, feel free to share mine.  


    4. Nurse in public!  

Covered or not, this is HUGE! Again, the more people see it the more normal it becomes. Plus, if you have never done it, once you do you will feel liberated 

 Nursing in public

    5. Get your gear! 

Every mama needs a great breastfeeding shirt. That is why I test every shirt to make sure it is easy to nurse in, super comfy and makes you feel amazingly beautiful! Also, stock up on our buttons and thank you for breastfeeding cards. Handing these out or sporting a button on your bag feels great too! You will need some for your latch on event!  

Lactivist buttons

 Let us know what you are up too for World Breastfeeding Week in the comments below.  


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