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Five Witty Comebacks for Breastfeeding Naysayers

Witty comebacks for uninvited comments about breastfeeding.

During the holiday season there is a huge spike in breastfeeding mamas posting about uninvited and often times mean comments. What is worse is the fact that it is  mostly coming from family. Have a quick response will go a long way.

The most common is “Are you still nursing?!”

”Right now? No he is over there playing.”

”Of course not, my mom weaned me a long time ago.”

"Everyone asks that, it must be because he is SO healthy!”

How long are you going to nurse for? When will you wean him?

"When I learn to cook"

"He leaves for college…"

Any rude comment or someone asking you to stop, cover up or leave.

"It is illegal to harass a mother breastfeeding in public or to ask her to cover up. If you still have a problem feel free to call the police. You can explain to them why you are breaking the law."

Check out this video below for more comments.


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