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Active Duty Mamas: Army Wife Taylor A.

May is Military appreciation month. To celebrate all our hard-working military members and family I wanted to talk to some bad ass active duty mama's and some awesome army wives.   

Today we are talking to army wife Taylor A. She took some time to sit down and tell us what it is like to service and breastfeed.  


How long have you been breastfeeding? 

I have been breastfeeding for 13 months.  

How does your husband being active duty effect your parenting? 

 It is difficult sometimes parenting without him. I am a stay at home mom which has really prepared me for when he’s gone. He hasn’t had a long deployment since we’ve been together. His been in the military for almost 22 years so far! 

 Do you live on base? 

We currently do not live on a base, he got stationed close to our home. So, we do not have to live on base. Although I love the bases because they have programs for military wife’s. Plus, the majority of people have more respect for one another. 

Do you feel comfortable nursing on base or around fellow army wives service members? 

I love breastfeeding on base! People actually say how awesome it is. They are very nice and respectful when seeing me nursing. I have never got a rude comment on the base for nursing. 

Does the Army provide breastfeeding support? 

Yes, there is a lot of support on military bases and the insurance “Tricare” is amazing for nursing moms. I get supplies until I stop nursing, or my child is three years of age. 


Thanks for all you do for our country and for sharing your story with us.  Show your love for this awesome army wife by commenting below. 

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