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Removing plastic bottles for Earth Day.

Ugly Plastic Bottles and the Waste They Create

In my house, we have plenty of reusable bottles. But let me be honest here. I have a large crew and these people drive me batty leaving their bottles in the van. And at school, never to be seen again. And then when an illness spreads through my home, I’m more prone to burning them than to change dealing with the germs.


But you know what? It’s worth it. Because the cost of using disposable plastic bottles is astronomical. Not just on our budget but on the world. Plastic bottles are such a waste. There are so many of them that just end up in landfills instead of at the recycling plant. And even when they do make it to the recycling plant, the recycling process isn’t exactly eco-friendly.


On top of that, you have to wonder why we’d willingly pay 500% more for water. We don’t do that for anything else. When you buy bottled water, you’re spending more money than you think. Imagine if you cut that out of your budget how much you’d save!


Here are some ideas to get you started on breaking the bottled water habit:

- Buy cool reusable water bottles. Make sure they’re free of BPA and other nasties too. Additionally, check to see if they are easy to clean. Keeping them clean is essential to keeping good health and bottles that have lots of crevices are not the best ones to own.


- Install a filtered water system in your home. There are different ranges of the kinds you can have. Some of the more expensive ones can filter all the water in your entire home. Others can install on the faucet of your sink.


- Buy a pitcher filter and you can use tap water to fill it up. It will remove all impurities and save you lots of money in the long run too. Just be sure to change the filters every couple months. Even this expense is much cheaper than buying water bottles.


And now, what to do with all those old water bottles? Well, you can take them to your recycling center. Or if you’re crafty, you can turn them into art projects. Bad at repurposing? Just call around to local schools and see if the art teacher would like to use them in projects. There are many ways to make use of old bottles if you try!




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