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That's what she said... Real breastfeeding advice from real mamas. Thrush, Latching and How often.

That's what she said...

Real Advice from real breastfeeding moms.   

Every week I will be giving a wrap-up of everything us mamas talked about. I thought this would be a great way to be able to find it when needed. This week on Instagram we talked about Thrush, latching issues and how much our littles will nurse. Here is a wrap up. 


Thrush and breastfeeding

Biggest take away is Gentian Violet. Most mamas recommend it. It can get a little messy so one mom said to use olive oil to keep it off the babies.  

  • janijr47Yes had it twice. Not fun! The doctor prescribed nystatin. Didn’t work. Ended up researching and found diluted grapefruit seed extract! Worked like a charm. 👌🏼 
  • im_the_pacifier@janijr47 haven't heard of using grapefruit! Most mamas say apple cider vinegar. 
  • pumpingforemilyI had thrush for months. it was so extreme my let downs were like little knives cutting me from the inside out through myh milk ducts. it's up there for some of the most pain I've experienced. I treated it with several long treatments of flucanazole. if I had caught it earlier it probably wouldn't have gotten so out of hand. I also took really high amounts of probiotic. washed my nipples with apple cider vinegar and water solution after every pump session. I put on a mix of antifungal creams. took grapeseed supplements. it was a huge maintenance protocol to keep it controlled. it was absolute hell but I am proud to see i did not let thrush win. my baby drank my milk for over 13 months. 
  • jax_in_the_box We had it early on.... I tried EVERYTHING. In a last effort i tried Gentian Violet and it worked!!! I had gel nipple soothies which i kept in the freezer, those things saved my journey for sure. That burning feeling is no fun at all! Yay soothies and Gentian Violet. Yay purple baby lips hahaha 
  • im_the_pacifier@jax_in_the_box purple baby lips! 🤣🤣🤣 
  • m_the_pacifier@pumpingforemily Way to work through it all! 
  • pumpingforemily@jax_in_the_box I did gentian violet a few times a well. it's sooo messy 😁 
  • bpoirier1027Im currently feeling so defeated my son is 6 months weve had a great experience until recently, im also 11 weeks pregnant my.milk supply had sognificantly dropped and ive been sick twice in the last month one time.being now i cant seem to stay hydrated and im.so scared that my supply cant handle another illness and no matter how.much i cluster feed or.power pump it.seems lile hes juat not getting enough ... any thoughts how to keep going 
  • s_burrellIt almost made me give up breastfeeding. It went undiagnosed so long, meds didnt work. Genitian Violet did, olive oil prevented the purple face. :) 
  • luhluhlisax2It was HORRIBLE. IT'S A CURSE lol 
  • im_the_pacifier@bpoirier1027 I'm at pick up and will get back to you ASAP. Hang in there mama! 
  • married2mcconnellI have thrush right now with my two week old. It is making the start of our journey incredibly difficult. I am determined but still feeling overwhelmed. 
  • jodyn5584I got it 3 times in a month I used gentin violet worked amazing 
  • im_the_pacifier@married2mcconnellhang in there! Hopefully you found some good tips in this thread! 
  • __a.e__We had thrush at about 6 weeks. Nystatin orally for baby for 2 weeks and I took a single dose of flucanazole. But the thrush definitely put a stop to my pumping which has messed up my stock supply for my little one. I had pumped at least an additional 28oz a day for my return to work (next week) but so much of it was during our infection time. I've heard and read so many contradicting things about pumping and freezing during thrush. Some say dont do it the bacteria doesnt die. Others say upon warming it up the bacteria is neutralized. I've erred on the side of caution and just not given it to him. What have you ladies been told? Our pediatrian was no help and told me go with what you read online 😑 
  • ramonasunGrapefruit seed extract (let it dry), turmeric powder (for pain) and coconut oil 👌🏽 
  • ramonasun@ramonasun directly on the nip ☺️ 
  • im_the_pacifier@bpoirier1027 sent dm 
  • turnestribe6@jodyn5584 we did the same! Messy stuff but we are ending round three on my twins and the thrush seems to be gone 🤞🏼 hopefully!!! And yes it has killed my supply 
  • jodyn5584@turnestribe6 Oh yea my baby and everything were purple for weeks lol but it worked better than the rx. I discovered mine was caused by a brand of lanolin cream I used 
  • jodyn5584@married2mcconnell your doing a great job mama keep it up you will get through this and it will be another battle story to tell one day lol 
  • turnestribe6@jodyn5584 I had no idea that could cause it! That may be what was causing mine as well 🤷🏻‍♀️ 
  • jodyn5584@turnestribe6 yea me either but I did an experiment to confirm it and yes the lanoish brand on the purple tube is a synthetic blend and is not pure lanolin and I reacted by getting thrush from it. So I only use medella brand. 
  • lizzybo_oHow do u know when u have thrush aside from it being super painful... 3 weeks pp and I'm wondering if I have it 🙉 
  • ksushichkaWe currently have it with my 4 week old :/ almost gone but it was extreme by the time we caught it. Started in my one breast and I thought pain was from improper latching then it was in his mouth then other breast. Pain in breasts kept me up all night and he wouldn't latch properly it was so bad. Tried everything and gentian violet worked amazing!!! On day 1 of it pain was almost gone in breasts and he started nursing really well again (: my nipples looked like fish scales :( he's purple right now but we're both feeling better ❤ 
  • m_the_pacifier@lizzybo_o one sign of thrush is white spots inside of baby's mouth. Itchy breast is another. 
  • breannek9How do you know if you have thrush? 
  • im_the_pacifier@breannek9 typically there is white spots in baby's mouth and for mom pain/itchy breasts. 
  • wheregracegrowsAPNO and coconut oil 👌🏼 
  • mrskrieg_17I actually haven’t. A just got over a clogged duct though. Not fun but took garlic asap and dangle fed my son and it’s gone 
  • next9months@im_the_pacifier I didn’t have any of those symptoms- but extreme pain (I couldn’t even shower or wear clothing- anything that touched my nipples felt like razor blades)- whenever I had let down, there was stinging, like bullants in my breasts. It was horrific. The GP said it wasn’t thrush so I went to a lactation consultant and she said it was in the milk ducts- I had to take a crazy amount of Flucanozole - I can’t remember the exact amounts now, but it was a couple a day for at least two weeks. I also had to paint gentian violet on my nipples and that was a godsend. The gentian violet toughened the skin up and I was finally able to feed almost pain free. I used a shield for four months and the consultant seemed to think that’s why my bubba never had any symptoms (white spots in the mouth, nappy rash etc). 
  • next9months@ksushichka the gentian violet is amazing! And the Flucanazole tablets if it’s in the ducts- my story is very similar to yours! It was the first 6 weeks of breast feeding and everyone just kept telling that I was ‘over sensitive’ and that I’d get used to it 😑 
  • next9months@lizzybo_o do you feel like you have bull ants in your breasts when you get your let down reflex? And does it hurt to wear clothing/in the shower etc? Babies don’t always get symptoms, especially if you’re using a shield. Try and see a lactation consultant if you can, I waited for 6 weeks and wish I’d gone sooner! 
  • next9months@__a.e__ I cant believe a specialist would tell you that! Thrush is a yeast infection, rather than bacteria... maybe you need a new paediatrician �� ~ I used a shield to protect bubba and she didn’t get any symptoms. I had to take flucanazole for two weeks, several tablets a day... and kept breastfeeding all the way through. Bubs is one now and totally healthy and happy so I’m glad I persevered. It was the worst! And so hard when doctors tell you that you’re fine 😑 
  • next9months@married2mcconnelldefinitely get some gentian violet and Flucanazole tablets if you’re still experiencing painful feeding. It can be really hard to treat if it’s in the ducts, but I promise it gets better! I gritted my teeth in pain for 6 weeks before seeing a lactation consultant and after two weeks of the above treatment, things got so much better. Hey help soon! 
  • next9months@pumpingforemily you go mama!! I had a similar experience to yours, except I took he Flucanazole tablets because the natural remedies didn’t work (aside from my hero, gentian violet). So amazing you kept at it for 13 months! I’m a vegan mama too 🌱 
  • breannek9Is the itch a constant itch or just when they nurse? Also is it the nipple that itches or the breast? My right breast itches sometimes when baby nurses on that side but it’s not a constant itch. Also he has white on his tongue but don’t know if it’s from the milk or thrush? 
  • im_the_pacifier@breannek9 for me it was when he nursed. I would get to the doctor and see what they say. 


My baby wont latch! 

Baby Latch

Not getting the latch right early can cause a lot of issue along the way. After all, without the latch, there is no nursing. Below is some info from La Leche League and some other great pointers from moms. 

  • im_the_pacifier It can be frustrating and upsetting when a baby doesn’t latch easily. Here are  some ideas that might help: • First try the “gravity” position described in “How do I latch my baby?” and see  what your baby can do when he takes the lead (but don’t hesitate to move your  breast to help him find the nipple). • Try nursing when your baby is asleep or very sleepy. • Change positions. Some babies prefer certain positions, at least at first. • Try standing up and walking or swaying a little bit while bringing him toward  the breast. • Nurse in a quiet room with no distractions. • Nurse in a noisy room with lots of distractions. • Try spending time skin-to-skin – with your baby wearing just a diaper and  snuggled against your bare chest. Use a blanket around both of you if the  room is chilly.  info from la leche league 
  • soy_la_sirenita_de_superman Nipple shield helped me in the beginning 
  • im_the_pacifier@soy_la_sirenita_de_superman I heard mixed things about shields. So happy it help get things started for you. 
  • lovely.lia6 Always get the baby checked for a tongue or lip tie. 
  • kaitleighann7 The nipple shield is the only reason my baby girl and I were able to breastfeed! So thankful for it. She can now latch without it! 
  • ftbfmomma@kaitleighann7 same here...although I'm still having to use it with baby girl at almost 3 months...how old was your baby when you ditched it and how did you do it? Any tips/tricks are greatly appreciated...so over it at this point! 
  • kaitleighann7@ftbfmomma well I ditched it around 6 months I think? She honestly just learned out of nowhere. I started giving her just my nipple without the shield to see what she would do and she started latching! So I would just start trying to introduce it to your baby without the shield and if she won’t latch just keep up with the shield until she gets it. I was so over it too so I completely understand. I was so thankful when she started latching in her own - makes it so much easier, but I would go back to the shield if we had to. The only really tip I have is that I kinda pinched my nipple to help her find it at first (I have flat nipples) so that helped I feel! Good luck mama ♥️ 
  • ftbfmomma@kaitleighann7 glad to know there's hope! I can get her to latch occasionally but keeping her latched then becomes the issue. But like you, I'll keep it if I have to. 
  • nicolavearSqueeze a bit of ur milk or colostrum spread it around the nipple that should help or use a silicone nipple shield 
  • emilymurtagh86@soy_la_sirenita_de_superman it was the only thing that helped my little premie to latch. I cried like a baby when my lactation consultant introduced it. She used it for about a month, with pumping, and finally she latched. We then ditched the shield and pumping. She is 11 months old now, and still breastfeeding! 
  • emilymurtagh86@kaitleighann7 that was the same for me, I just tried to give her the nipple without the shield one day and she just latched. We used it for about a month. She was a little over 3 months old by the she latched. Before we had the shield we exclusively pumped and bottle fed. It was exhausting. 
  • ardoaustraliaKnow that it's okay to ask for help. Know that you aren't alone. It can take time for you and your baby to get the hang of it. You can try Baby Led Attachment, even if your baby is several days/weeks old. Check out the Breastfeeding Support Organisation in your country (eg La Leche League, Australian Breastfeeding Association etc). 


How much will my baby nurse?! 

How much will my baby nurse?

ALL THE TIME! All the time... or every 2-3 hrs.  

  • im_the_pacifier Most newborns are ready to nurse in the first hour after birth. Nursing tends to  go better if they get a chance to latch onto at least one breast during this time. After the first nursing, you’ll both probably feel sleepy for a while, so the next feeding may not happen for four to six hours. This is fine for full-term newborns. Some will nurse more often, and that’s fine, too. After the first twenty- four hours, a full-term, healthy newborn may need to nurse as often as several times an hour or as infrequently as every three hours, counting from the start of the feeding until the start of the next one. Expect to nurse your baby at least eight to twelve times every 24 hours. Info from La Leche League  
  • allisonraemontoyaMine nurses all day long 😍😍 
  • lauralee0390My 9 month old nurses every 3-4 hours... around the clock 😴😴 ready for him to night wean, but since he was a preemie im in no rush 
  • nona3324I wish hospital nurses knew it was ok for the baby to go a longer stretch after the initial feeding. With my second baby they would not leave me alone until I finally woke him up to nurse. 🙄 
  • missveronicatSo much. All the time. Constantly. It gets easier though. Hang in there. 
  • missveronicat
  • theinflatablerunnice. 👍 Mom life is the best. 💚 


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