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2018 I'm Coming for You! One Change I am making this year.

If you are going to do anything different for 2018, make it this! 


Since becoming a mom my New Year's Resolutions always look something like this: 

  • Drink more water 
  • Exercise 
  • One load of laundry a day 
  • Get dressed  

Wishing you the Breast

Do I always achieve these? No, which is why they are always on my list. Sure, I am setting a whole bunch goals again this year. But I am doing it a little different. Those goal will be written for me to see like I always do but my main goal will be to make this one act a habit. And I think you should join me.   

 It only takes a few minutes a day. Every time I do this simple act I feel great and ready for the day. I also achieve more. This simple step relaxes my brain and I fall asleep easier.  One of my mentors, Jane, has her groups do this to review our progress and it really feels great.  

So, what is it? List everything you have done. Now she has us review every few weeks but I have started doing it every night and it is wonderful.  First, you list everything you got done that day. 

  • Laundry washed and put away 
  • Vacuumed 
  • Dishes 3 times 
  • Dinner plus 2 breakfasts, 6 snacks, 4 lunches and 1,009 cups of liquid something  
  • Breastfed 278 times 
  • Potty training and diaper changes 
  • Organized Lego storage 
  • Showered and dressed 
  • Read 7 kid books three times each 
  • Shipped orders 
  • Screened 
  • All four kids showered 
  • Wrote blog  

Now I know it might seem silly to put in all the small stuff. That small stuff is actually a lot. As moms we beat ourselves up over all the small stuff not done. Going to bed with a sink full of cups and basket full of dirty laundry bothers us. At least it bothers me. As moms we have so much to do that we never feel like ANYTHING gets done. We go to bed worrying about everything still sitting there.  Writing it all down is therapeutic.  

 I am also adding in making my to-do list for the next day after this. If I look at it first thing in the morning I won't waste time doing stuff that isn’t needed. Then I get to cross it off. That feels wonderful too!  

Hello 2018

Try it out and tell me what you think. Do you feel better about your day? Are you getting more done? Drop it down in the comments are let me know.  

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