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Such is life... mom life...

Such is life... 


As most of you know I spent the better part of last week prepping for my Daughter's birthday party. 

 Under the sea birthday
The house was spotless by Friday night. three-layered cake and 30 cupcakes where ready to be frosted when we went to bed. Food prepped ready to go on to the trays. 

Up early Saturday to get the party tent up and decorated. Blue cloth draped across the top with sea turtles' shadows above. Jelly fish hang from the top too. Pinata ready to go. 


With an hour and a half to go we are filling up balloons for the 'bubbles' I think to myself, wow we aren't running late. We might actually be ready on time... 

And then from across the yard I hear a scream followed by crying. "Becky, he is really hurt!" 


I get to my 4-year-old. He has a gash and a huge bump on his forehead. Less than a minute after his fall onto some gardening metal.  In to get some ice and to wipe away the blood.  Grandma says ER and we agree, off to urgent care with Daddy and Grandma he goes.  

Now less than an hour to go: not showered, no food out, decor isn't finished, cake isn't frosted... heck the frosting isn't even made!  


Two-minute shower, brush my hair, get the baby down for a nap. Cus ya know he must nurse right when mama goes into panic mode.  

My daughter and her bestie save the day by setting up all the snacks, cups and plates.  


The first guest shows 20 minutes early...  

I wanted to do a live video for my mamas. Look how pretty, she is gonna love this! But nope. 

Such is life... 

My little man came back with a clean bill of health half way through the party. 

The 30 kids had a blast, most the parents had no clue. Cake was frosted right before it was time to blow out the candles. Pinata broke 6 kids in and gifts were opened.  

Under the sea turtles


Not what I planned, no games were played, no prizes handed out. But that is life, right? 

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