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5 Tips to Make Pumping at Work Easier

Make Pumping at Work Easier:

Heading back to work can be hard. Let these tips make it a little easier on you. 

Relaxing Pumping Mama

1. Set a schedule

Let your coworkers know what your day is going to look like. This will help a ton with

planning meetings and conferences. It will also be a big help if you are sharing the

pumping room with other mamas.


2. Use a hands-free pumping bra

This is a lifesaver for hands-free multi-tasking or so you can just sit and read a book while you pump and do something you deserve to do – relax!


3. Store your pump parts in a zip-lock bag in the refrigerator

Do this and you’ll save oodles of time because you won't have to clean them EVERY

time you pump.


4. Keep extra parts at work

Leave those spare pump parts at your office. There will come a day when you forget a flange or some other necessary piece. It’s worth it to keep the extra bits around just in case.


5. Keep a picture of your nursling around

Having a picture of your little one will not only help with let-down but it will also be a great reminder to why you are pumping in the first place.


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