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Five Steps Pregnant Moms Should Take to Prepare for Breastfeeding.

Prepare for breastfeeding with these five steps.

Breastfeeding your baby is a huge part of motherhood. Having a good foundation before you start will go a long way. Here are five steps that will really help.

Find your local Le Lache League. 

There are monthly meetings that help all over the world. Find the one closest to you. Go to a meeting or two before you give birth, meet the other moms, find your local tribe. These are the moms that will be there for you anytime you have a question or just need a hug. Having another breastfeeding mom to turn to, especially the first few weeks will be priceless. Most even have a Facebook page you can post to at 3 a.m. and get answers really fast. 

Find a doctor who is pro-breastfeeding and knowledgeable.


Not just for your baby but for yourself as well. It is SO important that your pediatrician is supportive of your breastfeeding journey. Ask questions to make sure if you end up having an issue they will be able to help. I personally have been given false or “easy” answers before. If I didn’t have a good support system in place I might have fallen into a boobie trap.  

It is also imperative that the doctors you see also have a good understanding of breastfeeding. When you get sick you need to have a doctor that can help you without hindering breastfeeding. Again, I have been to a random doctor who had no idea how to handle me because I had to take something compatible with breastfeeding. 

**And please, if your doctor is telling you to supplement, pump and dump or anything else that you feel could mess with breastfeeding, ask someone else. Post it on a breastfeeding page filled with other moms. Unfortunately, not all doctors know the difference between a myth and science. Some will give you wrong information that will led to a boobie trap. Then find a new doctor. 


Contact your insurance company and find out how to get your breast pump and supplies.

All insurance companies MUST provide a rental breast pump or a personal one to keep unless you have a grandfathered insurance plan.  Some plans will also cover visits for breastfeeding consulting. Call them and find out what they need from you and what all is covered. They all work a little different. It will make things easier if you have it all set up before you give birth rather than dealing with them and a new baby. 


Start following breastfeeding pages and bloggers on social media.   

There are so many breastfeeding support groups, mom support groups, “anything that your child might have” support groups. You really can find a Facebook page for just about anything. I suggest following a few and get a feel for the people in it. You will find that you will click better with some and not so much with others. Find your online tribe and informative news-feed. You should feel comfortable to ask any question so find the right fit. Plus you will learn so much from other mom’s questions and stories. See our list here! 

Believe in yourself and your body. 

You can do this. It might be hard at first; you will have bad days and good days. Know your body was designed to do this. It is the next natural step after giving birth. With the right information and support, you can have a successful breastfeeding journey! If something feels off or not right, get help. And if that still doesn’t feel right ask someone else. Listen to your inner self. This is your baby and your body. DO YOU. 


Do you have any suggestions for moms about to start their breastfeeding journey? Please drop them in the comments! 


Nurse on Mama!




  • Brenda, the guide that you recommend is such a helpful book. It made me feel connected with other women and helped me to feel like I wasn’t alone in my initial struggles with breastfeeding. There are so many things in it that I wish I had read before my baby was born. I really think it would have made a world of difference reading it beforehand! Good one :)

  • Thanks for tips. Unfortunately I am from a small town so there are no meetings around. That’s why I am focusing on online support. I also got breastfeeding guide recommended by mothers in my facebook group. It is called How to make breastfeeding pleasant and easy and it is from the page www.parental-love.com/. I myself find it very clear and helpful. It also is nicely-written and the author boosts your confidence. Looks like I’m ready to „go” and listen to my inner self and the baby finally.


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