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Mother of all Mother's Days: Favorite Mother's Day Memories...


Mother of all Mother's Days: Favorite Mother's Day Memories...

If I am being honest, when I think of Mother's Day, I just get tired. It's a crazy day of running around. I love having a day to honor moms and everything they do, but it’s a crazy day! This got me thinking, what makes for a memorable Mother's Day? So I asked some of my favorite breastfeeding mama's and supporters.


Abby from The Badass Breastfeeder

“I do have one. It was actually when I was pregnant with my first son. My parents, husband and I went to a baseball game. It was a Mother's Day theme. I remember my parents being so excited that they got to celebrate me being a mother on Mother's Day. It was my first Mother's Day where I was being celebrated myself and it wasn't just me celebrating my mother. I was now starting to understand Mother's Day from the other side. It was like I was in a new club.


Hannah from And Out Come the Boobs

My first Mother's Day as a parent was when my daughter Rosie was 6 weeks old. We drove to San Diego from the Bay Area to see my husband’s family - a drive that normally takes 7 hours took 10 because we kept having to stop to feed her. The first feed was in the backseat of our car in a McDonalds parking lot, and I got honked at by a big rig!


Kristy from Breastfeeding Mama Talk

“I was still pregnant so I'm not sure if it counts, but my mother in law had sent me a Mother's Day card when I was about 6 months pregnant and it made me tear up. I really appreciated it and it hit me hard for some reason. My mother in law passed away about two days after I gave birth. So, she never had a chance to meet her grandson in person or to send me anymore Mother's Day cards. I never thought she liked me so maybe that is why it touched me the way that it did.


Lindsay from Lot801

“My favorite Mother's Day would have to be my very first. Growing up, I never really thought I'd be a mom. I never thought I wanted children. So, when I met my husband and 9 years later I changed my mind, being a mother was an all-new idea for me.

I'm not gunna lie, I had no idea what I was doing. And to be honest, which this is REALLY hard to admit publicly, it took me a while to bond with my daughter Allie. I just felt like I didn't have that "motherly" touch like most women did, it didn't come naturally for me. I took lots of time and patience.

But when my first Mother's Day rolled around, Allie was 2 months old, and for the very first time.... I felt like a Mother. I remember my husband waking up early to take care of the baby and make me breakfast. He brought me breakfast in bed and handed me my little girl. I looked down at her and immediately felt that bond I'd been longing for.

This was a day just for me. For all those late nights, for all the tears, for all the worrying if I was "doing it right", for all the struggles with breastfeeding, for giving BIRTH! It was then that I realized that I had already been doing it, being a mother. And sometimes that extra bond doesn't come immediately... and that's OKAY! I was being too hard on myself.

My very first Mother's Day took an important role in motherhood for me. It was like an initiation, like a rite of passage, it allowed me to slow down, hold my baby and just BE. To enjoy every single Mother's Day like it was my own because after all... I'd only have 17 more Mother's Days with her before she leaves the nest.


Candice from Goldilacts

When I think about my warmest Mother's Day memory, one spent with my grandma comes to my mind. She was a pillar in our family and I was blessed to share a special Mother's Day with her, my mother and daughter. Four generations of love together in one place. This memory is a daily reminder of how simple and beautiful spending time together is. I remember that day as if it were yesterday, coffee together on the porch as my daughter, who was two at the time, chased hummingbirds and smelled the flowers in my grandma's garden. The sun was shining bright, it was the perfect amount of sun kissed warmth, and the comfortability of security was abundant. Nothing but pure love filled my heart. There were many moments of sweet silence as we all soaked in the beauty of nature. Sitting in the middle and observing the full circle of life was humbling and grounding. Little did we know, it would be the last Mother’s Day we would share together as my grandma passed shortly thereafter. Reflecting back now, that moment was such a joyful gift, and a reminder to enjoy the simplest moments with those I love most. It is a constant reminder for me to slow down, be present and take in the memorable moments. I will always cherish that special day and all of the Mother’s Day's I am lucky to have with my own children, and someday their children!

Rebecca from I'm the Pacifier

Thinking back on my favorite memory for Mother's Day, I keep going back to when I was a little girl. We were spending the day with my dad's parents. My dad's mom was also my nanny and I was always super close to her. This Mother's Day we all went out for brunch. After we grabbed some Dairy Queen and headed to our local garden/park. My mom was in all her glory talking about all the different flowers. Us kids were able to run around and explore. I remember the happiness and joy of that day.


Do you have a favorite memory from a past Mother's Day? I would love to hear it. Drop it in the comments below.


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