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That's What She Said... Nipple Confusion

That's what she said nipple confusion.  

Nipple Confusion

Here are the main takeaways from this thread.   

  1. Make sure you are using a preemie nipple for bottles and that whomever is giving the bottle is doing paced feeding.  

  2. Nipple shields! They mimic a bottle nipple.  

  3. Skin-to-skin and bath together. 

  4. Try to nurse when they are about to fall asleep or already sleeping.  

Below are the comments from this thread. 

  • suburbancannamamaHow old is the baby? Skin to skin would be my recommendation. He knows who you are, he just needs a little reminder. You both need to get to know each other again. Take a warm bath, make a relaxing atmosphere and stay skin to skin as much as possible. Take a nursing vacation meaning stay in bed, couch, bath with babe and let the world wait. You’ve got this!! ❤️✨ 
  • suburbancannamama@suburbancannamama There are also some great videos on You Tube. Search for “relatch after nipple confusion.” 
  • allisonraemontoyaThis happed to me my daughter was hungry & i sat with my boob out as she cried for about 45 mins straight it was hard & i cried too but she finally gave in & latched i kept squeezing milk out & placing my nipple by her nose i even squirted it in her mouth & kept introducing my breast i was on antibiotics for 4 weeks & couldnt feed her she was 8 months old 
  • ameliasmom25@im_the_pacifier a warm bath , dim lights and skin to skin 
  • im_the_pacifier@ameliasmom25 thank you! 
  • 2boobsandababyNo advice but thank you for serving! Super badass! 
  • ali_michelle_hutchensNipple shield to start with. Patience. I almost gave up thinking she would never come back to me, but within a week it was great. And don't let her get to hungry before you offer her the nipple. I always heard to be topless when holding baby and show them that the chest is love not frustration. @im_the_pacifier 
  • suburbancannamama@frecklephase I’m sorry. That must be upsetting. Do you have access to any professional Lactation support such as an IBCLC? Also, there is an amazing FB group called The Badass Breastfeeders of Colorado that saved my bf relationship in a different way. You don’t need to live in Colorado to join. I’ll DM you my real name so you can say I referred you if you want. In the meantime, don’t give up. Who fed him? How did they feed him? Can you mimic that environment some by using a familiar smell like their clothing? Anything you can do to make nursing familiar while still just being the two of you is helpful. I’m not a fan of nipple shields for new moms, because babies can become dependent since the relationship is developing. In your case, I think it may be helpful. I’m not a professional, though so you may want to ask one. 
  • melodyjanephotosNot many moms would breastfeed through that separation! That's dedication! Kudos! Wish I has some insight to share but I haven't experienced this :) 
  • _dea.c.a_Lots of skin to skin and nipple shields for sure. Just make sure you pump after to keep that supply up, nipple shields could decrease the supply, but I never had a issue. Good luck & thank you for your service! 
  • kel.kel.barnett@allisonraemontoya I bet that was hard going my daughter is 8 months old now and won't take bottles cups etc only boob even with weaning and couldn't imagine going through that. Well done! 
  • allisonraemontoya@kel.kel.barnettthanks & keep on feeding mama ur doing great 
  • kel.kel.barnett@allisonraemontoya I intend to its the best thing I've ever done. She's my first and before she was born I'd brought bottles perfect prep machines etc and it's all been a waste of money. I fell in love with breast feeding and intend to continue for the foreseeable 😍❤ 
  • srivera_Let’s go Mama! I’m Navy. So I understand what you are dealing with. Baby knows who you are. The advice everyone is giving would be the same from me. You got this! 
  • notjust_anybrittI never went through this but when my son was a mewborn we had a rocky start to breastfeeding. Skin to skin worked wonders for us! It helped us to relax and bond, and the day after we started breastfeeding succesfully. Good luck 
  • sterlingmomsNo advice from me but I just wanted to say thank you for serving our country!! I hope the above advice works for you. 
  • pgrullonDon’t know if someone else mentioned it but I got through nipple confusion using nipple shields. When breastfeeding was re-established I gradually took them off. Good luck! @im_the_pacifier 
  • kathrynzukauskasSnuggle baby skin to skin (baby in just a diaper against your bare skin.) This helps to calm baby and tap into to his natural instincts. Make a ‘ledge’ or ‘sandwich’ of breast tissue when latching. This can help baby to feel something firm against his tongue. Attempt when baby is calm. If he is particularly hungry and frustrated, you may need to feed him a bit from a dropper, spoon or bottle to calm him before reattempting. In some difficult cases, a nipple shield may used to help coax baby back to the breast. If you are still having issues I would consult a lactation consultant, they are wonderful. 
  • madlywiththemearklesA nipple shield? 
  • emilieendurancerunnerWow I have so much admiration for you! 
  • ksushichkaWe had nipple confusion with a pacifier. I never thought nipple confusion could happen with a pacifier till it hit us :/ what worked was I gave him the pacifier (or bottle) and once he started sucking on it , I quickly but gently took of the pacifier/bottle and gave him the breast really quickly instead. It took quite some tries for him to finally be good again . Anddd feeding in a warm bath ❤ 
  • frecklephase@madlywiththemearklesdefinitely going to buy that tomorrow, I have been getting good advice about the use of shields. Have you ever used one before ? 
  • frecklephase@pgrullon how long did it take for your baby to fully get used to breastfeeding again? 
  • recklephase@allisonraemontoya you give me hope hunny ! ❤️❤️ 
  • frecklephase@_dea.c.a_ thank you sweetheart! Loving the advice and support from you all 
  • frecklephase@srivera_ thank you! And thank you for your service! 
  • frecklephase@sterlingmoms thank you hunny ! 
  • frecklephaseI did that with him when he was 2 weeks old and it worked! Now that he's 9 months... whoooollleeeee different story and not as easy. I am definitely going to buy a shield tomorrow and attempt to work wonders with that first lol I was going to do the bath tonight but he fell asleep to early lol 


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