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Supporting Awesome Ladies on International Women's Day.

Women who rock and we should support on International Women's Day 

With today being International Women's Day I thought I would share some of my favorite ladies. Some who are awesome supporters of breastfeeding, others are awesome mom bosses! We need to stand up and support each other. 


Badass Breastfeeder

Abby is the Badass Breastfeeder and she is always providing awesome content for us mamas. Not only does she stand up for breastfeeding mamas she also is out spoken for all women. Check her out here. 


 Breastfeeding Mama Talk

Kristy is the mama behind Breastfeeding Mama Talk. Her Facebook group just past ONE MILLION! That is a lot of mama's getting love and support. You can read her interview with us here.  


Baby Teith 

Tiffe is the rocking mama of Baby Teith. Paired up with her husband Keith they make awesome rock inspired tee's and fabulous dresses. If you are a goth mom check out their stuff here and enjoy 10% off with coupon code PACIFIER  

 Four Birds Beauty

Erica not only is the artist behind our breastfeeding is beautiful tee design she also is the amazing mama who owns Four Birds Beauty. She makes the most amazing bath and body products. My favorite are the bath tea soaks! Check out her shop here and get 10% off with coupon code PACIFIER10 



Susan is a mom of two active minded girls that were both breastfed for nearly two years each.  She and her BFF created a line of clothing exclusively for the breastfeeding mom and her after delivery body in mind.  The clothing is something we would wear even if we weren’t breastfeeding, they’re not form fitting in the mid-section, completely convenient to breastfeed in and mostly modest in nature. Curious?  Follow us on Instagram to join us on our journey to create a breastfeeding clothing line specifically inspired by actual breastfeeding moms. Sign up here to be the first to see when it is launched!  


Baby Koala Chewlery

Nicole is a mother of two and makes custom teething/nursing necklaces and carrier teethers during nap time. Use code ITP2018 for 10% off! Check her out here.

Kaiya Designs

Marcy, mother of 3 kiddos and owner of Kaiya Designs - a women’s apparel line that help busy mommas ditch their yoga pants and leggings by designing clothes that are just as comfortable but look 100 times more put together! Because women rule and today is International Women Day, take 20% off your first order using code womenrock at checkout!! Go here to check her out.

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